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TrueFirms is committed to your privacy, which is why the information collected on TrueFirms’ website will only be used for research purposes. It is important that you read this Privacy Policy carefully because when you visit or use any services provided by TrueFirms, it automatically means consent to the use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy; users are those who visit or contact us via any form of media (online or offline). When visiting TrueFirms site ( ) internet browsing, submitting personal data whether online or not, etc., all constitute acceptance of our terms and conditions outlined within this policy.

What is TrueFirms?

TrueFirms helps in finding the best companies in the App development landscape which helps both sellers and buyers of service providers in the industry. This directory offers quality research, authoritative content based on its numerous online and offline initiatives to help clients in being more effective.

Information TrueFirms collects

TrueFirms collects information about the companies it researches. It gathers company profiles through interviews and research methodologies, and then ranks them appropriately. Other interested companies provide testimonials for other relevant companies when they sign up to TrueFirms as well, making sure that all of your options are shown clearly on the site. If you use any type of service from TrueFirms, it will ask for your credit card details after signing up with any account.

TrueFirms can collect your personal information through various channels, which include but are not limited to website registration forms, user log-ins, emails and phone calls. It may also collect more specific information such as name and email address as well of a date of birth or occupation.

We automatically collect your details when you visit TrueFirms' website ( which includes the time of your visit, IP address and browser type - as well as the pages you visited and links you clicked on during that same session.

Use of information

TrueFirms website records your visit and logs in information, which is necessary for administrative or research purposes. Your IP address and other info helps it create a user profile. Information related to day, date, time of visits helps TrueFirms in scheduling maintenance tasks and using prime time well. TrueFirms tracks navigation pages being viewed on the site along with duration of your visit as well as downloads to know more about you better by storing personal details like email ID's etc., which are used to contact people who have enquired about its services or activities.

Disclosure of information

TrueFirms may give third-party vendors access to your personally identifiable information only when the vendor agrees on maintaining its strict confidentiality, and take care of data security as high as what TrueFirms provides.

TrueFirms takes reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your personally-identifiable information. TrueFirms will not intentionally transfer or disclose any of your personally identifiable information to third parties without your consent.

Opt-Out / Unsubscribe / Change, and / or Delete information

You can deactivate or delete your TrueFirms account at any time, subject to our record retention policies and applicable law. You are well within your rights to access, correct, update and/or delete any information you submit on the site. However, please note that we cannot delete a company profile with even a single review once it is created. This is not possible as the records shared by third-parties cannot be deleted from our system if they have been published here first. If you do not want updates on Direct mailers or newsletters from TrueFirms anymore then unsubscribe via emailing us for help so we can remove this subscription for future mailings too.

Data Security

TrueFirms ensures the safety of your personal information by implementing standards for technology and operational security. Information is protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure or loss during transmission or storage. Online and offline safeguards are in place to prevent misuse, destruction or alteration of data. Only authorized TrueFirms employees and vendors have access to personally identifiable information. It's important that you keep your login details secure too please don't share them with anyone.

Data Retention

Our strategic data is gathered from our industry related sources and remains with us as long as we are not specifically asked to remove it. If you have an account, information will stay with us for the duration of your user status or until such time that it is needed for legal purposes. We might keep your info even after you close your account if this data can be used in disputes, fraud prevention or a backup process.

Notification of changes

By using this site you consent to TrueFirms collection of your information, its use and storage in the way described in our Privacy Policy. We may modify or remove portions of this policy at any time. Your continued use means you agree with any changes made to our Privacy Policy at any time.
If you have any query about TrueFirms Privacy Policy or if you require any assistance in reading the provided material, you can contact us at:

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