Pricing FAQs

TrueFirms offer sponsorship opportunities that include following benefits:

  • Lead generation
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Embracing a new role
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Gaining media exposure
  • Extending their reach
  • Driving more sales

  • Your company gets access to higher positions in the ‘Directory’ listing.
  • Acquiring higher positions leads to more web traffic towards and elevates your chances of converting leads.
  • The TrueFirms badge gives your company a special recognition in the market and thus helps to gain the trust of your clients.
  • The TrueFirms badge/logo on your website can also be leveraged to redirect users to your TrueFirms profile filled with verified reviews and authentic portfolio - all at one place.

The sponsorship subscription will be considered active until we receive any communication from the company regarding the cancellation. It is mandatory to cancel the subscription via email 2-3 days prior to your renewal date.

The amount paid for sponsorship is non-refundable.

If there are multiple companies who have opted for the same level of sponsorship then their rankings will depend upon their research & review score. A company having a higher research score will be listed above the companies with lower research score.

We do not commit the same rank throughout the sponsorship tenure. It is subject to change if any other sponsor with a higher level of sponsorship or higher research scores walks-in.

A specific lead volume is not guaranteed with Sponsorship. We provide traffic estimates and recommend best placements on TrueFirms for your company. We cannot guarantee a specific number of leads, but our goal is to work with your company to identify the best placement. Monthly traffic to pages on TrueFirms informs our recommendations for Sponsorship placement. Sponsorship tier also influences the number of leads you receive. Higher-tiered Sponsors show up higher on Review Pages, which means they tend to receive more traffic than lower-tiered Sponsors – especially for competitive research segments.

Sponsors are companies that have purchased a sponsorship package. Sponsors are listed above non-sponsors on Directory Pages but do not receive preferential treatment in our rankings.

Priority listings through sponsorship only apply to Directory Pages. They are not reflected in Leaders Matrix ratings.

We are always transparent about which companies sponsor Directory Pages by adding a 'Sponsor' flag to the company profile. Site visitors can filter each Directory Page by TrueFirms Rank to see companies listed according to their rank in the Leaders Matrix.

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