Buyer FAQs

If a service provider is doing something wrong with the rating we send a Buyer Alert on their company profile. This alert informs consumers of any risk associated with doing business with vendors.

We are doing our best to address the situation, but we still encourage buyers to proceed with caution and use their best judgment when evaluating a service provider with a Buyer Alert on their profile. To ensure that a Buyer Alert is warranted and to remove any content on the service provider’s profile that violates our Terms of Service or Review Guidelines, our team does perform an investigation before placing it

Criteria for rank on TrueFirms:-

  • Client Reviews
  • Market Presence
  • Offered Services
  • Work Performance

Ratings updates are done on a regular basis. TrueFirms ratings change dynamically as more reviews are collected and analyzed by our team of experts.

TrueFirms Verification data is an excellent resource for finding out if a service provider you are considering hiring is registered, active, and trustworthy. By using this information in addition to your research on the company's reputation online, you can make sure that any potential providers will be able to meet your needs.

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